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Quality Monitoring Crystals

To assure that each crystal is optimised for maximum process yields and minimum downtime 100% inspection is employed.


Our standard crystals are 14mm or 12mm in diameter and have electrodes configured with a gold or silver film deposited onto a special adhesion layer.

The crystal blank contour is plano-convex for smooth frequency response over the crystal life and the crystal orientation is AT-cut for good frequency stability with temperature.


AT-cut plano-convex design reduces errors in deposition rate and thickness by minimizing vibration modes. Additionally AT-cut crystal orientation enhances stability over a wide of operation temperatures.

Frequency Bands

Available in 5 and 6MHz with gold, silver or stress reducing alloy electrodes, our quartz monitoring crystals are produced to stringent specifications and carefully inspected to assure high yields and optimum reliability.   We recommend gold crystals for most applications. They have low contact resistance and high chemical stability. The gold electrodes crystals are best suited for low stress material coating monitoring.  Silver crystals will provide superior performance in processes with high heat loads.   Alloy crystals are recommended for optical coating with dielectric materials and for semiconductor processes with high-stress materials.   Some multi-layer and other specialised thin film applications can be better served by the use of crystals which are tuned to a very narrow frequency band. Similarly, certain controllers are also designed to operate with crystals of a selected frequency band.

Standard 6 MHz Crystals


Alloy electrode


For high stress materials

In clean room compatible dispenser

10 Pack

Compatible Sensor(s)

6 MHzSensor Crystals

Gold electrode


Iin clean room compatible dispenser

10 Pack

6 MHz

Sensor Crystals

Silver electrode

In clean room compatible dispenser

10 Pack

6 MHz

Sensor Crystals

Alloy Electrode

Alloy electrode, 10 Pack

6 MHz

Sensor Crystals

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