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Rectangular Magnetron

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Rectangular Magnetron


  • The best name in sputter components & high levels of product and process support
  • Widest range of rectangular magnetrons designs available on the market
  • Largest choice of magnetic options for different processing requirements
  • Best target use - HY 45-60%, FFE 60% >>> 45% target use money back guarantee for high yield magnetics
  • As standard the cathode supports any type of target cooling
  • Robust industrial design - M8 target fixing and seizure prevention in-built
  • Anode surface below target level for cleanliness and no shorting
  • Compatible with DC, Pulsed DC and RF Power
  • 3D CAD design for easy integration to OEM equipment layouts
  • 100% Pre-delivery leak and electrical testing - process testing on request
  • Process know-how 'built-in' to the designs

Gencoa are so confident of the performance of the HY magnetics that we will refund the HY cost if at least 40% of the target is not achieved (by weight). This based upon a 100, 125 & 150mm wide bonded target type under normal operating conditions. The actual target use should be 50-60% - anything less than 40% and you will 'get your money back'.

Standard Circular Magnetron

Gencoa’s standard circular magnetrons are available in target sizes ranging from 2" to 16", and with a choice of magnetic and mechanical options to satisfy any requirement.


Every option is built to the high build standard that has become the trademark of Gencoa’s products, and a 10 year warranty is offered on the magnetic arrays of 6" target sizes or greater.

Linear Ion Source

Linear ion sources by Gencoa are a robust and flexible means of pre-cleaning polymer and glass substrates prior to thin film deposition. The plasma jets generated impact the substrate to burn-off hydrocarbons and activate the surface to promote adhesion of the deposited film.

The intense plasma jets are generated by a combination of the magnetic and electrical field across a narrow gap through which the gas or gases pass. DC power modes can be applied with typical voltages in the 1.5-3kV range to provide a 'high' impact plasma pre-treatment. The use of pure argon gas generates the most effective plasma cleaning, but any combination of gases can be used. The plasma can also be used for deposition and polymerization via the gas phase. Gencoa ion sources have the unique feature of graphite anode and cathode protection to reduce the erosion of source to low levels. Graphite based hardware is standard in other types of plasma sources, but only Gencoa have it for the linear ion sources.


The robust and easy to service design is available in any length and a variety of internal, external or cantilever mounts.The IM series are not recommended for metallic substrates or very high speed web movements as the discharge currents do not exceed 1A per m length. Gencoa provide a range of different magnetron based solutions for high power magnetically enhanced plasma generation electrodes.

Principle and advantages

The device is based upon the inverted magnetron principle, also know as Hall effect or anode layer ion sources - but with some key differences. They use all the same skills required for magnetron design and are hence a natural area of activity for Gencoa. The Gencoa linear ion source has been developed to work in collimated mode at any discharge voltage. Usually a high discharge voltage in the kV range is required to attain the collimated type operation, but the ion optics in the Gencoa source allow this type of operation down to 500 volts. A low voltage is preferable for ion assisted and plasma deposition since less damage is imparted to the growing film. Equally the source can operate at high voltages if required. Also, the anode sputters at a very low rate which allows the possibility of using high discharge currents, whilst still maintaining a long anode lifetime. The sources come packaged together with the power supply.

As mentioned a unique feature is the internal graphite anode and external graphite anode, that results in a very long life due to the very low sputter yield of carbon. Under normal operating conditions the anode should have a life of at least 6 months before replacement.

The beam aperture is 75mm wide as standard, but by parametric 3D computer aided design of the Gencoa IM Source, any length can be manufactured quickly to suit specific process requirements. In addition, a wide range of mounting styles are available such as; internal, external, cantilever, sliding and angular adjustment. (insert pic, beam).

The linear ion source has advantages over other methods in that it has a very wide range of operating pressures, there are no filaments, and it is largely maintenance free, industrially robust and low-cost.

Speedflo by Gencoa

Speedflo is a multi-channel closed-loop control system for high speed adjustment of a reactive gas during magnetron sputter processes.

Its advanced digital control system automatically regulates gas flow to meet reactive sputtering requirements.

Speedflo's advanced variable structure control algorithm offers significant performance improvements over conventional PID control techniques, both in terms of speed and robustness.

Why reactive gas control?

Feedback control of reactive gas enables improved deposition rates, coating properties and process reliability, which are not possible to achieve with constant flow.

Why choose Speedflo?

    Robust and reliable

    Hardware and software evolved based on demands of real processes.

    Fully supported

    Gencoa's process knowledge and experience is available to you at every stage, from remote assistance to on-site support.


    Speedflo comes with a range of sensor, IO and communication options to meet the demands of your process.


    Increased sputter rates

    Fast acting feedback control of reactive gas enables increased deposition rates and improved process stability.

    Improved uniformity

    Simultaneous control of multiple gas inputs allows for uniformity to be controlled along the target length.

    Better process monitoring

    Several sensor and monitoring options give you a complete picture of the process.

UltraDep  In-line PECVD

UltraDepTM PECVD (Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition) makes metal oxide and nitride films on large area substrates like sheets of glass and rolls of plastic or metal web.

Proven advantages

  • High Deposition Rate
  • High Quality Film
  • Superior Uniformity
  • Long Term Operation

UltraDepTM TurnKey ​Systems

Complete turnkey coating systems with performance and production guarantees

R&D Tools

Full capability UltraDepTM  systems for development and pilot producti

Retrofit Sources

Retrofits available to selected glass and web applications. Consults General Plasma on restrictions




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