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High Quality Evaporation Materials

Summit-Tech comprehensive product portfolio of evaporation materials offers you the best solution for your individual application. The high-purity evaporation materials help to achieve your desired coating properties; their optimized melting properties improve the production yield. The low spitting properties allow low-defect coatings for critical applications.


Unique production capabilities allow us to custom manufacture any required shape and purity in quantities ranging from several grams to hundreds of kilograms. Continuous quality tests and controls with proprietary coating machines allow for a zero failure production process.


Our evaporation materials represent the finest coating materials available today which have been processed or especially developed to meet demanding requirements of scientific experimentation, product and process development or full scale production.


All evaporation materials are supplied with the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), RoHS-Certificates and Certificate of Analysis (COA), relevant to the lot number supplied.


Our product range comprises more than 60 evaporation materials including special mixtures and substances, as well as fluorides, oxides, sulphides and metals available as granules tablets, or disks.


Please contact us if your required evaporation material is not listed.

General Categories of Evaporation Materials

The intended function of an optical coating determines the evaporation materials composition and configuration. Design types such as Antireflective coatings (AR), bandpass filter, beam dividing and combined coatings, high reflectors & laser AR coatings, for example, require dielectric materials whose primary characteristic is the absence of significant absorption.


Mirrors that reflect over a wide spectral range are made from highly reflecting evaporation metals with protective and/ or enhancing dielectric multi layers. The chemical categories of the evaporation material that are used for optical coating are segregated by spectral region.

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